Snow Plan

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Derbyshire County Council, as the highways authority, is responsible for gritting the major routes across the county, and when snow falls, for treating and ploughing all of the main roads around the village. In the event of snowfall, the County Council has a web-site page, updated three times a day, that gives up-to-date information on road conditions and road closures. It is available here.

Calver Parish Council is responsible for clearing the roads within the village so that residents can safely link onto the main roads passing through the parish. The Parish Council’s Snow Plan can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Website Snow Plan

In summary, the plan states that the Parish Council’s snow warden, in conjunction with our nominated contractors, will aim to ensure that the junctions leading onto the main roads are cleared and gritted, and that most of the village roads are ploughed. Some limited pavement gritting will be undertaken around the older persons bungalows on Smithy Knoll Road.