About Us

Calver Parish Council.


Parish Councils are the smallest and most local form of local government in England. Despite our small size, Calver Parish Council is a statutory local authority, and our responsibilities, meetings and procedures are strictly governed by national legislation.
We try to be responsive to local needs, and all our Parish Councillors are  residents of the village. However, we are only allowed to work within the limits of our powers, and we are not allowed to spend money beyond those limits.
Individual councillors are also subject to a ‘Code of Conduct’ that describes the high standards with which we are expected to comply when dealing with Parish Council matters.

Partner Local Authorities

As a parish council we work alongside the two ‘higher tiers’ of local government for our area. They are Derbyshire Dales District Council and Derbyshire County Council. Links to their web-sites appear on the right of the page.

Calver and our surrounding parishes all lie within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park. The Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA/’Peak Park’) is therefore responsible for all planning matters affecting the village. Although we are not responsible for granting planning permissions, the parish council is a ‘statutory consultee’, which means that our opinion is sought by PDNPA on all planning matters affecting the village.

A comprehensive list of planning applications relating to Calver parish is available here or by clicking the Peak District National Park logo on the right. Planning applications for neighbouring parishes can be found here.

The full Peak Park web-site can be accessed here.

Contacting The Parish Council

Residents may contact the council in a number of ways

The contact details of Parish Councillors are available here, and you are welcome to contact any of them.
Alternatively, you can write to the Council via its Parish Clerk whose details are also here.
If you prefer, you can contact the Parish Clerk via e-mail here.


Our monthly meetings are open to the public. We normally meet at 7.00pm on the third Thursday of the month, in the committee room of the Village Hall, Main St., Calver. The date of our next meeting is shown on the right of this page under Parish Council News. The agenda for the meeting, when available,  will appear under the “Meetings” menu.

At the start of each meeting there is a standing agenda item which allows members of the public to briefly raise with the Parish Council any matters of concern. The issues raised will, if appropriate, be added to the council’s agenda for the following meeting when they can be full debated.

Minutes and agendas for previous meetings of the Council are also available under the “Meetings” sub menu.
If you wish the Council to consider any issue, then please contact the Parish Clerk by any of the methods listed above